Gran Turismo 7 Confirms Return of Fan-Favorite Track

After years of anticipation, Gran Turismo 7 is now only a little under two months away from finally coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. While fans continue to count down the days until the release of the latest installment in the long-running racing franchise, today, PlayStation and developer Polyphony Digital have now announced that one of the most popular race tracks in the world will indeed be featured in the game.

Revealed by the official PlayStation account on Twitter, it was revealed today that Daytona International Speedway will be coming back to Gran Turismo 7. As mentioned, Daytona is one of the world's most famous courses and is most-often identified as the home of the Daytona 500, which is the prestigious NASCAR race that kicks off each season. Daytona International Speedway was first showcased in Gran Turismo 5 and later also appeared in Gran Turismo 6. The PS4 title Gran Turismo Sport, however, saw the track disappear, meaning that its return in GT7 is a pretty big deal.

To accompany this announcement, PlayStation shared an image of Daytona International Speedway as it will be seen in Gran Turismo 7. Notably, the picture that was shared confirmed that the alternate version of the track, known as Road Course, is the version that will appear in-game. While Daytona is perhaps most recognizable for its massive oval shape, the Road Course version instead sees the track diverging into the midfield to add more twists, turns, and variety. And while this is the iteration of Daytona that has been confirmed in the above image, the standard version of the track will also likely be included.

As mentioned, Gran Turismo 7 as a whole is very close to finally launching at this point in time. Specifically, the game is set to come to both PS5 and PS4 later this winter on March 4, 2022.

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