Co-Op Shooter The Anacrusis Shows Off 15 Minutes of New Gameplay

Developer Stray Bombay’s debut title, The Anacrusis, is set to release in under a week. In anticipation of the title’s release, Stray Bombay has released a video that shows off the first 15 minutes of gameplay of the Left 4 Dead inspired co-op shooter. For those unfamiliar, The Anacrusis follows a group (up to four players) that are navigating their way around a stranded starship and have to fight off a group of aliens.

The Left 4 Dead comparisons draw from the initial gameplay trailers shown off for The Anacrusis where players fight off hordes of aliens while also fighting off special enemies. This new gameplay video from Stray Bombay and IGN shows off the gameplay a bit more and how it starts to differ from Left 4 Dead.

The most noticeable difference here is the setting. The Anacrusis is set on a massive starship in space which gave off Prey vibes due to its elegant-like exterior. The choice of colors used throughout the first episode alone gives the environment and settings a completely different tone than what players typically see in other cooperative shooters where they have to navigate abandoned and broken-down cities.

At a time where players would rather play Left 4 Dead 2 than Back 4 Blood, nailing the gameplay and fun factor is imperative. Of course, as mentioned previously, The Anacrusis is still in early access and what was shown in this video will most likely change over time. Apart from the enemies though, The Anacrusis showcased some of the various weapons and abilities that players will be able to pick up throughout their sessions including a fun-looking plasma beam.

So far, the reception for The Anacrusis’s video is rather mixed with most commentators noting the uninspired UI and missing animations as the reason for their underwhelmed response. This can change later down the line however as more features and gameplay elements are added. As it stands though, The Anacrusis has a tough battle up ahead as the similar Rainbow Six Extraction releases on Game Pass in under two weeks.

The Anacrusis will also be coming to Game Pass day one and with it releasing In just a couple of days, it has a headstart on building on its fanbase. Developer Stray Bombay recently spoke on the title’s infinite replay value due to a system called the AI Driver that changes up the enemy, health kits, and item locations each time players load into the same level. If it runs as well as promised, it could offer players a lot of extra replay value.

The Anacrusis will release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on January 13

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