Battlefield 2042 Player Expectations Are “Brutal”, Says EA

Battlefield 2042 didn’t have the pristine launch EA wanted it to, but that doesn’t mean DICE and Ripple Effect haven’t been working hard to fix its issues since. Now, coming back from holiday break, EA’s director of communications is asking fans to give the team time, and to let people rest.

Andy McNamara describes the expectations of Battlefield 2042 fans as “brutal”, after taking a glance at the Reddit and Twitter accounts for Battlefield 2042.

McNamara has since deleted the tweets, although you can see this screenshot via MP1st.

Dealing with player expectations is never easy, and as McNamara rightly points out, many people are quick to forget the effort it takes not just to develop a game but to continue adding to it.

That’s not to say they’re off the hook for issues players face. They ought to be fixed, but teams shouldn’t be made to feel unentitled to time off to rest and relax themselves.

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Yah they expect a finished triple a game from one of the biggest gaming franchises. Shame it released as a beta, no, an alpha. Game is terrible and missing majority features from prior games. Games so dead even the cheaters have given up. I feel sorry for the workers to made it, but I'm glad the game has flopped. Hopefully this changes things from higher up


Love how the dev is getting mad that the players keep asking for fixes/changes. You probably should've released a game that works if you did not want the backlash. Seems everyone is a little soft these days.


I don't think they're going to have much of a franchise unless they can fix this one, so hopefully they can somehow get it in an acceptable state.


This game is just plain awful. I miss the battlefield 3/4 days.


Yeah yall need to calm down and start expecting shit


EA needs to understand how much of a mess this game was and will take many updates to make it what battlefield fans actually wanted...
Get your head out of your asses EA

Also he deleted the tweets, im rolling


this BF was trash I got a refund a month after release


I understand and respect that people need a break and all but DICE, your game is missing BASIC FEATURES THAT EVERY FPS OUT THERE IN THE MARKET HAVE!? How did you mess this game up so badly and have the gaul to say that we have "brutal" expectations? Your game doesn't even have a scoreboard which every single fps game in the genre that has online multiplayer has and have been having for decades. No one likes the specialist system that you implemented and the maps are lackluster from previous Battlefields. It still baffles me to this day how you and COD botched your launches so badly but I know it shouldn't baffle me because you were forced by your publishers to release such a rushed and broken product and they could give **** all about what the community wants.


thats what they get for giving us a AAA that is not even finish


Guys, the people that put out a $60 triple AAA game that barely works and has disappointed everyone need a rest

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