Watch a man win 100 straight Halo Infinite free-for-alls

Hello, a man named Remy who goes by Mint Blitz has won 100 straight free-for-all Slayer deathmatches in Halo Infinite. I am impressed.

It's the kind of gameplay that requires an in-depth knowledge of the weapons, environments, and basic controls of a game. Mint Blitz couldn't just rely on camping weapon spawns, because every set of opponents is different, he had to instead rely on his gear. Mint Blitz found that he got a lot of mileage out of the repulsor, which pushes enemies back, and by tricking others into close-range encounters he was often able to just... push them off of cliffs.

So, save a PC crash in one match, which I think we can all agree Mint Blitz gets a pass on, he won "105, 106 games."

Mint Blitz might be a name that hardcore Halo Infinite followers recognize, since he's also the one that found that exploit that lets you basically fly across the map in campaign play.

As he goes through his wins, Mint Blitz discusses the current state of Halo Infinite's multiplayer. He goes over the gameplay diversity "controversy" in Infinite's community, talks about maps, and dishes up some interesting uses for some of the more maligned weapons. It's a nice breakdown of the current state of semi-casual Infinite play.

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