Battlefield 2042 Players Are Spotting In-Game Product Placements

Battlefield 2042 has endured a rough launch, and with everything from technical and network issues to the player base in general being disappointed in the state that the game has launched in as compared to what was promised, the shooter isn’t exactly in the best shape right now. And while something like in-game product placements aren’t going to affect gameplay in any tangible way, they’re not exactly well-liked- and Battlefield 2042, unfortunately, seems to have introduced those.

As reported by MP1st, Battlefield 2042 players have been spotting advertisements and product placements in the game, with the Logitech G502 mouse having been spotted in the game as well. Of course, product placements aren’t exactly new in Battlefield games, or EA-published titles as a whole, but for a game that has had plenty of bad press as it is, maybe EA shouldn’t be rushing to find more ways to monetize it- at least not until DICE has brought the game up to an acceptable level.

Battlefield 2042 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. A recent leak of the game suggested that season 1, which brings a new map as well, will launch in March 2022.

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SMH what a mess this game has become

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