Warzone Pacific’s trailer includes a look at its new dogfighting mode

The launch trailer for Call of Duty Warzone Pacific has been released.

Arriving on December 8, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 marks the biggest update for the battle royale game since its March 2020 release.

It will see Warzone’s launch map Verdansk replaced with a new Pacific island setting called Caldera.

Vanguard owners will receive exclusive access to the new map for 24 hours before it’s made available to all Warzone players on December 9.

Among other features, the launch trailer includes a look at Vanguard Royale, one of the new modes coming to the game

It introduces fighter planes, anti-aircraft guns and trucks which can be used to shoot them down, plus the all-terrain Squad Transport car.

The mode limits loadouts to Vanguard weaponry and Operator selection to Vanguard soldiers, while the radii and times for circle collapses are different to those found in the traditional battle royale mode.

Last week it was revealed that Caldera is made up of 15 large distinct areas for players to drop into and fight across, housing hundreds of points of interest.

Caldera’s 15 district areas are Arsenal, Docks, Runway, Ruins, Mines, Peak, Beachhead, Village, Lagoon, Airfield, Fields, Sub Pen, Power Plant, Capital and Resort.

Warzone Pacific’s launch trailer has been released on the same day that workers at developer Raven Software are staging a walkout after parent company Activision Blizzard laid off 12 QA contractors last week.

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