Destiny 2 Halo Collaboration Confirmed, New Weapons Showcased

Destiny 2 fans are in for a delight as Bungie is gearing up for an interesting collaboration in the upcoming days.

Over the past few years, Destiny 2 has been maintaining its dominance as one of the most popular looter shooters out there. Bungie had constantly added new stuff to the game, and that has kept the fans engaged for a long time.

Recently, the developers announced their upcoming plans, including details about the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. It will be the biggest expansion the game has received to date, and players have tons of things to look forward to, including the likes of a weapon crafting system and much more. Amidst all that, Bungie is all set to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and there could be some exciting things happening in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Halo Collaboration Confirmed Ahead of Bungie 30th Anniversary
Destiny 2 will be getting a Halo collaboration to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This hasn’t been announced by Bungie yet, but thanks to DestinyNews+, it is all but confirmed at this point.

In a tweet, DestinyNews+ states that it has found an interesting change on the Steam page of the game. The screenshots have been updated, and it showcases some exciting new shots from the game. However, what’s worth noting is that the Guardians are equipped with a Battle Rifle and Carbine which hails all the way from the Halo games.

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