Battlefield 2042's dumbest glitch lets you negate smoke grenades

We've seen a fair share of Battlefield 2042 glitches and technical problems, some that even lead to awkward bugs. But this is just, well, dumb.

Just recently, we got introduced to a bug that allows Specialist Dozer to phase through walls by turning down the game's graphics settings. As we pointed out at the time, this isn't something you'll likely to get much use out of.

It turns out, there's another glitch you can replicate that also involves going into the game's menus. Reddit user Jagsfootball51 came upon a major problem that instantly negates the effects of smoke grenades.

As you're about to see in their video below, all you need to do is bring up the game's menu and get into Collection for a second. Doing this wipes the smoke effect from your screen, allowing you to shoot through it – that’s it! Here we can see Jagsfootball51 hit enemy AI bots they wouldn't otherwise be able to see as a result.

With maps as big and wide as they are in Battlefield 2042, and cover often sparse, smoke grenades can be a great tool to help cross these massive distances in relative safety, so we'd hate to see everyone abuse this glitch.

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