'Intriguing' News on Xbox Cloud Gaming May be Coming This Week

According to insider information, Microsoft and Xbox may have some kind of announcement for Xbox Cloud Gaming coming sometime later this week. It is unclear on what exactly this news may entail, but apparently Xbox gamers fond of the service should keep a lookout.

Windows Central reporter Jez Corden has revealed on Twitter that Xbox fans should keep their nose to the ground this week as "intriguing" news is coming for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Corden is a reliable source of leaks and rumors so putting some stock in this rumor wouldn't be too far-fetched. The last piece of news given on Xbox Cloud Gaming has been that the beta version of the service was launched for the Xbox Series X/S on November 17 in 25 different regions.

Most recently, Corden has reported on two new games being worked on for Xbox consoles; Obsidian is developing Pentiment (a 16th-Century narrative RPG) alongside a host of other games such as Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, and the developer of We Happy Few, Compulsion Games, is working on a "dark-fantasy" action-adventure game. Corden also has mentioned that news on Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is coming before the end of the year, possibly at The Game Awards in December. It remains to be seen if any of these rumors pan out, but Corden definitely has the track record for them.

As for what exactly the news on xCloud could be? It's anyone's guess really. Some think the announcement of the service reaching more countries and thus a wider audience could be coming, others suppose it is more likely that more xCloud games could be receiving an FPS Boost compatibility. It is also possible that Microsoft is planning to unveil its plans for Xbox Cloud Gaming's integration of TV and streaming sticks such as Roku. Any number of plans are possible as some fans are even throwing around the idea that games outside of Game Pass may be getting the cloud treatment or even the possibility of being able to stream already purchased games via cloud a la Google Stadia.

Whatever the news may be, keep those expectations in check as the word "intriguing" doesn't exactly conjure up thoughts of the most earth-shattering announcement for Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, Microsoft and Xbox have big plans for the future of streaming so whatever the news is will no doubt be appreciated by fans.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available now to be streamed via Phone, Tablet, PC, or Xbox Series X/S.

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The beta has been out for at least a week. Very impressed!

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