Call of Duty Vanguard datamine points to ‘Attack on Titan’ crossover

A datamine for Call of Duty Vanguard has suggested that a crossover with the popular anime Attack on Titan could be coming.

On Sunday frequent Call of Duty dataminer @_Nanikos_ revealed that several strings of code in the game refer to “aot_titan” as an operator. Operators are the playable characters in Call of Duty.

A weapon attachment is also referenced, this is likely due to the content being released as part of a bundle, as Call of Duty has recently done with crossovers like John McClaine, Rambo and Judge Dread.

@ZestyCODLeaks, another notable dataminer commented that the code suggests that there will be a sword melee weapon added to the game.

The map appears to confirm that the Caldera era of Warzone will be called ‘Operation Alpha’ and take place on May 16, 1941.

Caldera will be available to Warzone players from December 2, the same date Season 1 of what will be known as the Warzone Pacific era begins. Players who own Call of Duty Vanguard will get 24 hours early access, according to Activision.

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That would be pretty cool to get on of the apt swords as a melee weapon.

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