PlayStation 5 Has Sold Over 13 Million Units

The PlayStation 5 has officially sold over 13 million units, Sony revealed today. More specifically, as of September 30, 2021, the PlayStation 5 has globally sold 13.4 million units. That number is according to Sony's latest financial report for the quarter that ended in September with the PlayStation 5 selling 3.3 million units during this most recent fiscal quarter.

Sales for the game segment of the company, according to the financial report, increased 27% year-on-year to 645.4 billion yen ($5.68 billion) from 506.6 billion yen ($4.46 billion) during the same quarter last fiscal year. That said, operating income declined from 105.4 billion yen ($928.4 million) to 82.7 billion yen ($728.4 million) year-on-year. The report specifically cites the decrease in sales of the PlayStation 4 hardware and peripherals as well as "strategic price points" for PlayStation 5 hardware that see the company take a loss on every console sold among other factors.

"I can't express enough the deep gratitude we feel for our passionate community of PlayStation fans who have embraced PS5, and the world-class development and publishing partners who bring such incredible gaming experiences to our platforms," said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, when PlayStation 5 sales topped 10 million earlier this year. "While PS5 has reached more households faster than any of our previous consoles, we still have a lot of work ahead of us as demand for PS5 continues to outstrip supply. I want gamers to know that while we continue to face unique challenges throughout the world that affect our industry and many others, improving inventory levels remains a top priority for SIE."

The PlayStation 5 itself is now available with the version containing a disc drive running $499 while the all-digital console costs $399, assuming that you can find either of them in stock at one of the various retailers that seem to add more haphazardly every so often.

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