Apple Music is now available on PlayStation 5

Apple Music has today launched for PlayStation 5.

Sony’s system is the first games console to offer an integrated Apple Music experience, giving subscribers access to over 90 million songs, personalised and curated playlists, 4K music videos and Apple Music Radio.

“PS5 users can either start the Apple Music app before hopping into a game, or during gameplay by pressing the PS button on the DualSense wireless controller to access the Control Center and select the Music Function card,” Sony’s Erin Metzger said on the PlayStation Blog.

“From there, Apple Music subscribers can find recommendations that match the game they are currently playing, or choose from a playlist in their library or other Apple Music-curated playlists for gaming.”

Metzger also said users can seamlessly switch between background music and music video playback.

“Start by playing the video in full screen; if you decide you want to go back to your gameplay or navigate elsewhere on the PS5’s home screen, the audio from the music video will continue to play. If you want to go back to the music video, it’ll also pick up seamlessly from wherever you are in the song, with no interruption to the music.”

PS5 owners can claim six free months of Apple TV+, even if they’re already subscribed to the service, as part of a promotion announced in July.

Earlier today, November 2021’s PlayStation Plus games were revealed ahead of Sony’s official announcement.

The platform holder will stream a new State of Play presentation today. Kicking off at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST and lasting for about 20 minutes, it will focus on third-party games coming to PS5 and PS4.

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