Day One Xbox Game Pass Game Shredders Delayed to February

In a recent announcement, the new snowboarding IP Shredders has been officially delayed from December of this year to February 2022. The game is still set to debut game one on Xbox Game Pass, but not until its new release date.

Shredders was announced at E3 this year and is built to be a snowboarding title that allows players to tackle challenges such as regular courses, urban environments, and open wilderness in its world. Shredders is being developed by FoamPunch as well as the indie teams I-Illusions and Let It Roll.

Announced in a tweet this week, this delay adds a two month wait for players looking forward to getting to know this title. Unfortunately, there is little information pertaining to the reason behind the delay. At the moment, future players of Shredders have just the original trailer of in-game footage to judge the game. Other than this, Shredders is described as having hand sculpted parks, urban environments and off-piste environments, a term in snowboarding meaning situated off of traditional trails. FoamPunch mentions that this title is an "open world just waiting to be shredded," but whether or not the game world will be a completely united open world remains unclear. Regardless of this delay, the game will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass, similar to a number of upcoming titles.

Judging by the gameplay shown and the promotional material, Shredders is an ambitious attempt to revitalize the genre. With well-recieved titles such as SSX in the snowboarding genre, Shredders has a steep hill to climb and it may be that this ambition is the reason behind the delay. Partially taking inspiration from the Amped games from the original Xbox, Shredders goes a step further and is supposed to host a number of players in the same world.

If Shredders has a completely open world and functions as a multiplayer game then it should be a success regardless of delays. The release of Carve Snowboarding on VR proves there is a market for snowboarding titles at the moment and the idea behind Shredders is an exciting innovation. Opening up a large map to many players in a snowboarding game should replicate reality in an interesting way as long as the controls are perfect.

Then again, some games aren't improved with the addition of multiplayer open worlds. The snowboarding genre may not be the best place for this type of experimentation. Either way, players don't have to wait too much longer for Shredders release and hopefully it launches without issue.

Shredders will release exclusively for Xbox Game Pass in February 2022.

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There are plenty of better games to go on Game Pass besides some snowboarding game...

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