Nvidia Will Upgrade Select GeForce Now Servers With RTX 3080 Cards

Nvidia has announced that it will be bringing the hardware prowess of its latest RTX 3080 graphics card to select GeForce Now servers. As detailed on Nvidia’s official website, this server will be using RTX 3080 GPUs to output low-latency and high-quality visuals for the latest games.

The Priority membership is available only to GeForce Now Founders and Priority members, pre-orders for which are live. Nvidia also mentioned that players can expect to have latency in the ballpark of 50 ms, which is a marked improvement over other streaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming, who still operate at around 200 ms.

It’s certainly interesting that Nvidia is continuing to invest in cloud gaming, and given the current shortages of consoles, there’s a decent chance that Nvidia might have a hit on its hands. Fans who fall in the required bracket of users will have to pay a of $99 for six months of membership, games not included.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/nvidia-will-upgrade-select-geforce-now-servers-with-rtx-3080-graphics-cards


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