New World Gold Duplication Glitch is Getting Players Banned

Although New World has seen a lot of popularity since its launch, the game has also seen its share of issues, particularly in the form of gameplay flaws and glitches. However, one recent glitch appears to be having a significant impact on the New World community, both because of its effects and because of the way Amazon is trying to clamp down on it.

The New World gold duplication glitch, nicknamed the "gold dupe" glitch by some players, was accidentally added to the game alongside the long-awaited server transfer feature. A small number of transferred characters were affected by an issue called Character_Persist_Failure that allowed them to send gold to other, unaffected characters, log out, and find the gold in question still in their inventories when they logged back in. Amazon quickly suspended server transfers and is now preparing to deal with the in-game impact of players abusing the exploit.

Amazon has announced its intentions to ban players who used the glitch for cheating, which could be considered a relatively normal response to a situation like this. However, the company also stated that it was planning to go a step further and delete gold and items "where appropriate." The lack of specific detail suggests that Amazon plans to remove not only the duplicated gold but also any items purchased with it, and it's difficult to say where the company will draw a line. Amazon has also noted that New World server transfers will be paused until the issue has been sorted out.

Players who exploited the glitch may also notice that they can't log into their character. Reportedly, this should end after about two hours, but if it lasts longer, Amazon recommends that players contact customer service. This suggests that the inability to log in is unlikely to be connected to the temporary New World bans that will be rolling out in connection to the gold dupe glitch.

It may interest gamers to hear that New World was having an economic crisis even before the gold dupe glitch was discovered. As of writing, players are faced with an unusual situation where gold is leaving circulation faster than it can be replenished, causing the value of gold to skyrocket due to scarcity. This particularly applies to endgame players, who no longer have quests to rely on as a steady source of income. Players who don't have enough gold to engage with key features like crafting, homeownership, or item repairs have often chosen to hoard their gold and resort to bartering with other players. It's possible that this crisis was partly responsible for the player base taking advantage of the gold dupe glitch.

New World is available right now for PC.

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