Riders Republic is Running Another Free Trial

Ubisoft has held beta tests and free trial weekends for Riders Republic to stress test the game over the past few months. It will be holding one last test before the game is officially released later this month and it's open to everyone curious about the game, regardless of platform.

In the past, Riders Republic trials were restricted to either invite-only, PC, or new-gen consoles. Opening up to all platforms is the next and final step up that will give Ubisoft the information it needs before launch. The Riders Republic Free Trial Week will go all the way up to the official release of the game, and all progress made will carry over after release and purchase.

There is a catch though: Players can log on anytime from once Ubisoft opens the online gates on Thursday, October 21st but participants will be capped at 4 hours of playtime. Just enough time to wet the chops but not enough to go through all the content. Ubisoft will make 4 game modes available for the trial week: "Mass Race" the one seen in most of the promotions as a large and chaotic downhill race that could contain more than 50 players at a time. This event happens every 30 minutes at randomized parts of the map. The Free Trial Week ends on the 27th.

Riders Republic's "Versus" mode will be where friends of up to 5 players compete in an event head-to-head. "Tricks Battle" consists of 6v6 teams where the goal is to do tricks and claim objectives to win. Finally, "Free for All" is for head to head with 11 other players in a playlist of differing game types to be crowned the best in the lobby. With all of these modes and early bragging rights at stake, players that wish to sample the game will need to divide their time between all the disciplines to see if they want to buy in when the game goes live.

Most of Riders Republic's marketing boasts of its massive downhill races across varying extreme sports disciplines like BMX, Snowboarding, Wingsuits, and more. There is a story mode that will try to aim players towards certain objectives but most of the fun lies in being let loose into the colorful mayhem of various daredevil events set within the large US National Parks recreated for this game.

Riders Republic has been delayed numerous times while in development. Given the scope of the game, working in the middle of a pandemic, and internal company turmoil, getting to the finish line for this game has been a long time coming.

Riders Republic will release on October 28th on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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I might have to try out the free trial.

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