EA is launching a new FPS studio with Halo’s co-creator

Electronic Arts is creating a new studio focused on first-person shooter games, with one of Halo’s co-creators on board.

Marcus Lehto, who co-created the Halo franchise at Bungie and performed both art director and creative director roles, announced on Twitter that he’s joining the start-up developer as a game director.

“Hey everyone, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve joined @EA as a Game Director, building a new studio in the Seattle area working on first-person games,” he wrote. “I can’t wait to share more about what we’re creating!”

Lehto was one of the founding members of the Halo franchise, having served as art director on its first three instalments and creative director for Reach.

He previously created Private Division-published shooter Disintegration, which ultimately failed to resonate with an audience and led to the closure of Lehto’s studio V1 Interactive.

Lehto had previously suggested that his next career move would be divisive among some consumers: “Some of you will support it, some will not. I just ask that you all join me on this next leg of journey,” he wrote.

The new EA studio will seemingly be its second new developer opened in Seattle, after former Monolith Productions head Kevin Stephens formed another which will focus on the development of open-world action-adventure games.

The new unnamed EA studio will be based in the Seattle area but may also support remote working opportunities.

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beautiful. looks great ! i cant wait to play it !


Nice to see Marcus back making games, would have been nice to see him join 343 but that is probably wishful thinking.

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