Xbox’s Compulsion Games working on a third-person single player game

Xbox’s Compulsion Games, the developer behind We Happy Few, has revealed that its next title will be a third-person narrative single player game.

In an interview with Xbox Squad, Naila Hadjas from Compulsion Games talked about the studio’s expansion, its plans for the future and revealed a few details about its next, unannounced title.

In the interview, which has been translated from French, Hadjas discussed the studios next game, stating: “I think we gave ourselves a little time to learn. It’s our first game with Microsoft and we’re learning a lot.”

Compulsion Games was acquired by Microsoft in 2018 as part of a mass acquisition that included Ninja theory, Playground Games and Undead Labs.

Hadjas also revealed that the size of the team has greatly expanded.

“We have doubled the workforce and we are adapting to it,” he said. “The goal is to expand our zany universe, to continue to make our mark in video games as a studio that likes to make unique games, in little-used settings. For now, that’s our goal. Pursue our ‘legacy’, our heritage, while remaining true to ourselves.”

The new project, which is said to have started production only a few months after the release of We Happy Few, is currently in what Hadjas calls “full development”.

Hadjas also revealed that unlike We Happy Few, the next project is unlikely to debut in Early Access due to its narrative nature:

“With our new game, a narrative, third person, story game, I don’t think we need any feedback. It’s not like a rogue-like where you replay it multiple times and you need data to make sure the experience is fun.

We Happy Few has evolved a lot, at the beginning it was a rogue-like and then we added a story because people loved the world, the characters, so we said “ok, we’re going to make a game with an end and a story”. The next game is a story, we know where we are going.”

When asked when she thinks we’ll see the game, Nadjas replied “I have no idea (laughs)”.

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