New World Server Transfer Delayed By Another Week

If you've been looking forward to the server transfer feature in New World, we've got some bad news for you. It's going to be at least another week before you'll be able to join your friends who aren't on the same server as you.

There's been a lot of back and forth regarding the server transfer feature. The game's extreme popularity at launch caused players to join whatever server they could find due to concerns of not getting into the game at all. The game peaked at 700,000 concurrent players at launch, forcing some players to wait in queue for hours. At the time, the devs encouraged players to join any free server as a transfer feature would be coming soon. A tweet at the time also claimed: "Yes, you can move between regions if you want".

Amazon seemingly went back on its word as a later update told players that, "You can move your character to any world in your region." This understandably caused a lot of them to get annoyed, as they joined the available servers on the advice of the devs, who promised that they could later change to any server across the globe.

"We have the final pieces of the server transfer system tested and ready to go, but we are making a difficult decision to hold it until next week," said the latest update on the New World forum, "This was a balance call between honoring a date we told you to expect, versus the disruption of a deployment during a peak play period (the weekend)."

According to the devs, the reason for the feature's delay is that an immediate release would cause downtime due to server balance changes.New World Is Just Okay, But You Can't Beat The Buzz Of A New MMO

It would also result in ongoing Wars getting terminated thanks to roster changes.

The team will be putting out more communication about the server transfer feature and detailed instructions on how it will affect the game.

While this news may be disappointing for players, the reason does seem sound. It's understandable that they'd be looking forward to playing with their friends, but a sudden break in all in-game activities and progression would surely be a bigger disappointment.

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