Deathloop Adds DLSS Support And Fixes Stuttering

Deathloop got its first major update yesterday that aims to fix the infamous stuttering problem on PC while also adding DLSS support.

DLSS renders games at a lower native resolution and uses AI supersampling to reconstruct the image at a higher resolution, allowing for better performance and improved framerate. In the case of Deathloop, enabling DLSS will allow you to make the game run smoother. However, it's a technique limited to the RTX 30 series, but AMD's version - FidelityFX - is already in-game.

The update is 5GB on PS5 and 11GB on PC, so you should have plenty of time to grab a coffee while you wait. On PS5, developer Arkane has added a calibration screen for HDR and implemented better performance with ray-tracing. Meanwhile, on PC, it has added DualSense controller audio support, fog quality settings, and a poor connection indicator.

Among the eye-catching updates, there is a slew of bug fixes - Bethesda has remedied Aleksis Dorsey's reactions, making him easier to spot at the party; Julianna's glitchy assassinations; a bug where Colt's progression is reset even when clicking "no;" problems with leaning inconsistency; laser mines; NPC pathing; audio mix quality, and more.

Already, on the forums, players are sharing that the stuttering issues are far less severe, seemingly indicating that Arkane has managed to solve the problem. In September, a hotfix was released that aimed to tackle the issue but reports still came in that players were experiencing problematic stuttering.

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