Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Can Get Free Back 4 Blood Skins

Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios' spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise, is now available. Xbox is banking on Back 4 Blood being a big success too, as it persuaded publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to bring the co-op FPS to Xbox Game Pass. That's not the full extent of the partnership between Xbox and Warner Bros. either, it seems. On Friday, Xbox Game Pass confirmed that an exclusive bundle of Back 4 Blood cosmetics will be available soon.

Introducing the Back 4 Blood Battle-Hardened Bundle, an exclusive package of cosmetics available just for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The announcement was shared on Friday via the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, which said while, "Slaying the apocalypse is cool, slaying it in style is cooler." The bundle can be accessed by subscribers from within the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks gallery on PC and Xbox, or via the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

The Battle-Hardened Bundle for Back 4 Blood includes four different character skins, as well as four different weapon skins. The character skins are for Back 4 Blood's default four characters, Evangelo, Walker, Holly, and Mom. Each of their skins features an improved look compared to the character's base outfit, as each character gains body armor or other armored gear to make them appear more ready for the coming storm.

The weapon skins are for the M4 Carbine assault rifle, which is Back 4 Blood's most popular gun, the RPK light machine gun, the Uzi submachine gun, and the 870 Express shotgun. These skins are all relatively uniform in nature. They grant the weapon in question a camouflaged look of green, brown, and both light and dark colors. They also will upgrade the gun with a more tactical, whether that means a new barrel, stock, magazine, or another accessory. These are solely cosmetic changes.

Notably, the four Battle-Hardened skins appear to be the same as those included with the Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition across all platforms. It's unclear if the Back 4 Blood Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skins pack will also be made available on other platforms, or if either DLC pack will be made available separately.

It's a great little gift to Back 4 Blood players currently playing through Xbox Game Pass on either PC or console. It's also a great way to remind Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers that Back 4 Blood is available to play now for free with a subscription. Considering Back 4 Blood is a full-priced game otherwise, it's a great deal for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Back 4 Blood is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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wow, let's take the skins that we give to the people who preordered the ULTIMATE edition of the game and just hand them out like candy on Halloween night.

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