WWE 2K22 Will "100%" Have A GM Mode According to Insider

After a troubled couple of years, the WWE 2K series looks like it could come out swinging with the next iteration, including the addition of a heavily requested mode.

It’s safe to say that WWE 2K20 was a major disappointment, with DualShockers scoring it a 4/10 and the game sitting at an average of around 43% on Metacritic.

With the usual developers, Yuke’s, departing, the game kind of just fell apart, prompting the WWE to take a year off of the annualised series.

Instead, what we got was a much more arcadey take, in the form of WWE 2K Battlegrounds a game that didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but still managed to score better than 2K20.

WWE 2K22 Will “100%” Have A GM Mode
That leads us on to the latest rumour, which comes from video game data analyst and well-known leaker Millie A.

On Twitter, Millie stated that “WWE 2K22 will 100% have a Manager mode in which you the player will run the WWE” adding that there are plans to reveal the mode at some point around either Survivor Series, which takes place in November, or the Royal Rumble, which happens in January.

Why Is This Significant?
Fans have been asking for a GM Mode to return to WWE games for quite some time. It allows players to take control of the promotion, booking matches, managing the talent and putting on a spectacle for the audience. It was incredibly popular.

Sadly, the mode only got a short stint in the games, running from SmackDown vs Raw 2006 to SmackDown vs Raw 2008.

It comes at an important time for WWE, as the promotion faces pressure from the increasingly popular AEW, which is also set to release its own game, developed by Yuke’s.

It looks like a GM Mode in WWE 2K22 couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Source: https://www.dualshockers.com/wwe-2k22-will-100-have-a-gm-mode-according-to-insider/


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Its gonna be limited with options


I loved the WWE franchise. I just hated that 2k made them. I wish they would go back to the old days like they did on PS2. I think it is awesome they have a GM Mode now. I wonder if there gonna have the old wrestlers from the old days.

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