Two-Thirds Of Games In Development At Xbox Haven't Been Announced

In a recent video of The Xbox Two, Xbox YouTube Content Creator Rand al Thor 19 sits down to play games and chat with Jez, a reporter for Windows Central who covers news on Xbox and Microsoft. In the video, we hear Rand al Thor 19 making the claim that an estimated two-thirds of games in development at Xbox have not yet been announced.

For context, Jez asks Rand al Thor 19 how many games from the Xbox roadmap have been revealed. In response, Rand al Thor 19 first admits that there are games he does not know about, including any games related to Bethesda. He also stated that he doesn’t know anything about the Kojima game that Jeff Grubb has mentioned. Thus, he clarifies that he is taking that information into account and making a ballpark estimate on the low side, stating that he thinks only about one-third of Xbox’s games have been announced so far. This is regarding Xbox’s roadmap that spans years into the future though, so the number may not be as shocking as it first sounds.

Later in the video, Rand al Thor 19 raises some questions to Jez about the upcoming Avowed game. He asks, “Is Avowed bigger in terms of places and stories than Skyrim, and is the gameplay system enjoyable—especially as a magic caster?” In response, Jez says that people should look out on Windows Central for the next couple weeks, because he will be writing a piece to answer these kinds of questions soon. He does at least say that he knows stuff about Avowed and is “very excited” for the game, so it at least sounds promising so far.

In other Xbox news, the company revealed that it will be releasing a special headset, controllers, and more later this year to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Xbox launched its first console on November 15, 2001, so we can probably expect the new accessories this November.

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