Twitch Leak Seemingly Reveals Streamers on "Do Not Ban" List

Earlier this past week, a massive leak transpired at Twitch that revealed a number of crucial details associated with the streaming platform. In the wake of this hack, many important pieces of information, especially those associated with certain streamers on the website, started to come to light. And while some may have been more interested to learn about how much money some Twitch streamers actually make in a given year, it looks like Twitch itself has also put in place certain guidelines to ensure that some creators never get booted from the platform.

Yes, in the wake of this week's Twitch leak, some have discovered a new list of streamers that reside on a "Do Not Ban" list within Twitch. The list in question was found buried within a sequence of code and mentioned that notable streamers such as Tyler1, Ricegum, DJWheat, and many others should never be banned from the site. Rather than ever being banned, the list mentioned that these streamers should have their "violations" escalated to certain people within the company.

While this is a bit shocking to see laid out so clearly, there are still many questions to be had with this list. Specifically, it's unknown how old the list itself might be as of this writing. While streamers such as Tyler1 are still quite massive on Twitch, it's hard to know whether or not the company still sees him as someone that is essentially untouchable.

The other intriguing aspect about this is that Twitch itself has shown in the past that it doesn't have a problem to ban some of the biggest streamers on the site. Notable creators such as xQc, Amouranth, and even Dr Disrespect have all been kicked off at one point or another, some of which have been permanent. Despite some of these streamers being so big, Twitch has shown that it's willing to cut ties if need be. As such, it's hard to know how the names in question ended up getting on this "Do Not Ban" list in the first place.

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ricegun has been perma banned before reason why he went to youtube for a while before twitch did the massive unbans, ricegum deserved to stay banned.

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