New World Passes 900,000 Concurrent Players On Steam

Amazon's new PC MMO New World continues to perform exceptionally well. Nearly a week after launch, the game has now set a new peak concurrent player record on Steam, blowing past the 700,000 users it had logged in at the same time on day one.

According to Steam's own public statistics page, New World recently reached 913,634 peak concurrent players. According to Steam Charts, this is the game's all-time high.

New World still trails Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which had more than 866,000 peak concurrent players recently. That game is free-to-play.

New World had 700,000 concurrent players on launch day back on September 28 and a total of 1 million-plus at launch--the game has been growing since.

The massive popularity of New World has led to lengthy server queues and other issues. Amazon has more than doubled the number of servers for New World since launch, while the company is increasing the capacity of every server "to support a higher population cap." The studio said its teams have been working 24/7 to add more servers and improve the online experience. "And [we] will continue to do so until we stability wait times," Amazon said.

In the meantime, Amazon said new players who are logging in for the first time can choose a server that has low or no wait times--about 40% of servers have low or no wait times, Amazon said.

The company is also working on a character-transfer feature, and it should be ready at some point this week after it is tested.

New World is going to remain a PC game exclusively for the "foreseeable future" but it could potentially come to console later. We also recently learned that New World doesn't let you make a character with Bezos or Amazon in the name and that you cannot swim. The game also has a very silly reason for why there are no mounts.

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Concurrent players in a queue shouldn't count.

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