Xbox Is Adding Tags, Night Mode, and More Accessibility Features

Xbox unveiled a number of new accessibility options it has planned for its users that'll not only make games more accessible but will also make it easier to find out which games support these sorts of features. Tags, a night mode feature that we've seen tested previously, and a new "Quick Settings" feature are just a couple of the accessibility upgrades that are coming to the Xbox platform soon.

One of the biggest changes the Xbox team detailed is the addition of tags in the Microsoft Store that'll let people know which games support certain accessibility features. Games already often make that information known in one way or another, but it's typically left up to the players themselves to figure out which features, if any, are supported. Under this new system, you'll be able to see exactly what kinds of things a game supports right from within the store.

"The tags will include a list of 20 accessibility features which gamers commonly look for based on extensive user research and discussion with our Gaming & Disability Community, such as Narrated Game Menus, Subtitle options, Input Remapping, Full keyboard support, and Single Stick Gameplay," Xbox said in its announcement. "Game publishers will also be able to include links to additional accessibility information for their titles."

The Xbox team said it plans to add more tags in the future beyond these 20 tags that the new feature will start with.

For those who want to quickly adjust accessibility settings based on who's playing or what game is being played, the new Quick Settings feature will allow for that to happen, too.

"This allows you to quickly toggle accessibility features without leaving your game or app," Xbox said. "It's also a big benefit for families or if you share a console with others who have different accessibility needs: use quick settings to quickly switch features on or off, depending on who is currently using the console. Everyone in the family can easily flip the settings for their best and customized experience."

Some changes regarding how screens are displayed are also being added. People will soon have the option to use "new and improved color filters" on the newer Xbox consoles to assist those with colorblindness or color vision deficiency. The Night Mode Display tested previously will also be getting a wider rollout to add a blue light filter, the ability to dim the light of a controller, and other options.

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