Xbox increasing its Japanese games roster "every single day"

Xbox is increasing its Japanese game roster "every single day" according to Phil Spencer.

As first reported by IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer appeared during the company's Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation to comment on Xbox's push for more Japanese-made games. "We're working with Japanese publishers every single day to increase our line-up of Japanese games on Xbox. We know it's really important to fans and customers on Xbox," Spencer said during the presentation.

Elsewhere in the showcase, Spencer stated that there's over 100 Japanese-developed games currently available on the expansive Xbox Game Pass roster. Spencer also announced that Xbox's push into cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass is debuting in Japan next week on October 5.

These comments came from a question put to Spencer by none other than Tango Gameworks head Shinji Mikami, who appeared alongside Spencer during the presentation. The Resident Evil co-creator joined the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation to not just put questions to Spencer, but also casually announce that a second game is in development at Tango Gameworks.

Aside from Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is scheduled to launch in early 2022 as a timed PS5 exclusive, Tango is busy working on a second project. This unannounced game is headed up by John Johanas, who originally took over game directing duties from Mikami following the original Evil Within to head up the brilliant sequel. We'll have to wait a while to see what Johanas is cooking up, but it's an exciting prospect nonetheless.

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Glad they're buiding their Japanese roster up

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