Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Reach 30 Million, Take-Two CEO Says

During TheWrap's digital event, TheGrill 2021, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said that Xbox Game Pass subscribers have reached the 30 million mark. This comment was made during a roundtable discussion that included Xbox executive Phil Spencer.

When the topic of business models and subscriptions in the games industry came up during the discussion, Spencer said that he thinks business models are key in the creative process of making games. Additionally, diverse business models allow for the most diverse output. However, he still appreciates the fact that consumers still purchase games at retail and are invested in buying content.

He spoke about Xbox Game Pass, saying, "We think about it as bringing more games to more people, but not as a replacement for retail. In fact, we had our biggest year in retail ever last year while our subscriptions were growing."

Zelnick continued to talk about interactive media and how subscription services need to offer content consumers want. He then asked Spencer, "I think last time we checked, we got around 30 million subs, Phil, right? Something like that?"

However, Spencer responded, "The last public number we announced was 18 [million]." Zelnick then appeared to try to course-correct himself, saying, "It's more than 18." He continued by noting that in order for a service like Game Pass to grow to a large audience of something like 200 million, it needs to serve consumers well.

Speaking of which, Square Enix announced yesterday that Marvel's Avengers would be coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 30, including the base game and all of its expansions so far, along with future updates as well.

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Well done Xbox Game Pass Subscription. Never thought it would get that many tbh

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