Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong Expansion Lends Credibility to Leaks

Months ago, Nintendo leaker Zippo made some claims about what the company would be showing at E3 2021, with many of those claims proving to be true or backed up by other leakers. One of the claims that Zippo made was that Nintendo would be making a big push to expand the Donkey Kong franchise, and part of that would be by building a Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo World. Nintendo has now confirmed those plans, lending credibility to the other claims Zippo has made recently.

Zippo's other claims mainly involve unannounced Nintendo Switch games that are supposedly on the horizon, as well as Nintendo's plans for future Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 games. If Zippo is to be believed, then there is certainly a lot more for Nintendo fans to be excited for in the months ahead.

Fans should take this information with a massive grain of salt still, but Zippo's previous predictions coming true does make the other claims easier to believe. If these remaining leaks turn out to be accurate, then Nintendo fans will definitely want to pay attention to Zippo and their future Nintendo Switch predictions.

New Donkey Kong Switch Game
Something that's been mentioned by multiple leakers is a new Donkey Kong Switch exclusive that's supposedly being developed by the Super Mario Odyssey team. Super Mario Odyssey being one of the highest-rated video games ever made has generated quite a bit of excitement for the potential Donkey Kong Switch game, even before it's gotten an official announcement.

With the Super Mario Odyssey team reportedly behind its development, one would think that this new Donkey Kong Switch game would be a 3D platformer, but reports indicate that it's actually a 2D platformer. Whatever the case may be, Nintendo has yet to actually announce the game, and so fans should keep their expectations in check, though it being outed by more than one leaker is certainly promising.

Fire Emblem Remake for Switch
Another claim made by Zippo that has yet to come true is that Nintendo is making a new Fire Emblem game for the Switch that will be a remake of a previous game in the series. The specific game is unknown, though Zippo believes that there is a chance the Fire Emblem remake Switch game will Genealogy of the Holy War. Fire Emblem has blossomed into a major franchise for Nintendo thanks to the success of the most recent entries in the long-running strategy game series, so it would make sense for Nintendo to capitalize on that momentum with additional Fire Emblem game releases.

Besides Genealogy of the Holy War, another theory that's been floated around is the rumored Fire Emblem remake on the Switch may be a remake of The Binding Blade. For the uninitiated, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is a Japan-only Fire Emblem game that originally released for the Game Boy Advance back in 2002. While it's only been released in Japan, it's a notable release because it features Roy, one of the Fire Emblem franchise's most recognizable characters due to his appearances in the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

It's unclear if the rumors about a Fire Emblem remake for the Switch are true or not, but fans can definitely count on more Fire Emblem games coming in future. Not only have the Fire Emblem games earned widespread critical acclaim, but they've reportedly been strong sellers for Nintendo as well, which should guarantee new entries in the series even if the rumors about the remake aren't true.

Nintendo 64 Switch Online Expansion Pack Games
Zippo's most recent leak concerns the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which will be launching in late October. The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will be more expensive than the base version of Nintendo Switch Online, though specific pricing information is unavailable at the time of this writing. In any case, the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will add nine Nintendo 64 games when it launches in late October, with Nintendo promising more to come at a later date.

Nintendo has already confirmed some of the Nintendo 64 games coming to Switch Online after launch, and they include the Xbox-owned Banjo-Kazooie. This has led to speculation that other Xbox-owned Nintendo 64 games could come to the Switch Online Expansion Pack down the road as well, though nothing has been confirmed at the time of this writing. However, Zippo believes that there are some Xbox-owned, Rare-developed Nintendo 64 games that are already planned for the Switch Online Expansion pack besides Banjo-Kazooie.

According to Zippo, it seems Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers can potentially look forward to the addition of games like Banjo-Tooie, Diddy Kong Racing, and Killer Instinct. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but for now Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers can look forward to the first batch fo N64 games in late October and other titles at a later date.

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