PS5 has cleared 1 million UK sales in record time

PlayStation 5 has cleared one million sales in the UK, making the console Sony’s fastest-selling ever in the region.

According to data from GfK published by, PS5 sales cleared the one million mark in August, 39 weeks after launch.

This means the console reached the milestone three weeks faster than PS4, making PS5 the fastest-selling PlayStation console ever in the UK.

Up until July, PS4 was still trending ahead of PS5 in the UK, according to GI’s GfK data, but that switched around as more PS5 stock came into the market in August.

PlayStation 5 also broke the record for the UK’s biggest ever console launch when it arrived last November, according to VGC’s sources.

PlayStation 5 hardware sales also exceeded 1 million units in Japan recently, faster than the PS4 managed.

According to sales data published by Famitsu, PS5 hit the sales milestone in 43 weeks (about ten months). In comparison, it took PS4 a year to sell one million consoles in Japan, whereas PS3 reached the number slightly faster at nine months.

In April, Sony’s gaming business reported its best-ever year in terms of revenue and profit, as PlayStation 5 consoles shipped globally tracked ahead of its predecessor.

Globally, PS5 hit the 10 million sales milestone on July 18, about eight months after its launch on November 12, 2020, which is just under a month quicker than the PS4 managed following its November 2013 launch.

Speaking in May, Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan said the company was hoping that PlayStation 5 shortages will ease in the second half of 2021.

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