Intel i9-12900K Releasing This November

While graphics cards have become near impossible to acquire during the pandemic, Intel has largely kept its cutting-edge CPUs in supply. Right now, 11th generation Core processors are ready and waiting for PC gamers to purchase as needed, available at retail prices, whether it's an Intel Core i9 11900K or an Intel Core i5 11400F. That's why recent reports about Intel's 12th generation of Core processors and their leaked release date are so exciting, with PC gamers looking for an upgrade they can buy.

The leak stems from a line of recently announced products from MSI. The upcoming CORELIQUID AIO Liquid Coolers series will have a free upgrade path for existing customers planning to upgrade to Intel's new CPUs, which require compatibility with the LGA1700 socket. In confirming this, MSI also confirmed two dates. The first is when pre-orders will open, October 27, which is the same date as the Intel Innovation technical conference and the most likely opportunity for Intel to announce its 12th generation CPUs.

The second date revealed by MSI is November 4, when the promotion officially begins. In other words, it's when MSI's upgrade kits will officially be available, meaning Z690 motherboards with LGA1700 sockets and 12th generation Intel CPUs are near certain to be available, too. If MSI's schedule is to be believed, Intel will be announcing its 12th generation CPUs, which include the top-of-the-line Intel i9-12900K, on October 27 and will then launch the line on November 4.

These dates have since been corroborated through other media outlets, with VideoCardz reporting that multiple sources confirming that Intel's Alder Lake-S CPUs will be available on November 4. This is also reported to be the date that Intel has set for review embargoes. Further, Wccftech reports that October 27 is the date when pre-orders will go live.

For the time being, three different CPU SKUs are rumored to be a part of Intel's 12th generation of processors, which should all be announced at the October 27 event. Those three SKUs are the i9-12900K, the i7-12700K, and the i5-12600K, along with their KF counterparts. The i9-12900K is rumored to offer 8 cores with 24 threads and a healthy 5.3GHz boost clock.

Obviously, nothing is certain until it's officially announced. Intel still has a month left until the Intel Innovation event and, even if the reporting so far is accurate, plans could always change. Regardless, it's an exciting time for PC gaming enthusiasts. Expect an announcement on October 27 for Intel's 12th generation of CPUs followed by a November 4 launch.

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another year. cpu will be 2% better than last year but the price is 20% more.

Hint. Skip a few years

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