New World Crosses 628,000 Concurrent Players on Steam at Launch

Amazon Game Studios’ New World is finally out on PC via Steam after numerous delays and is off to a roaring start. According to SteamDB, it’s already hit an all-time peak of 628,000 concurrent players despite not being available for a full day. The number is only rising so it could be posed to cross a million in its first 24 hours (so Amazon wasn’t too far in claiming it would be a big hit).

Set on the island of Aeternum, New World sees players shipwrecked and attempting to survive amidst various supernatural horrors. They can join a variety of different player factions, settling into different regions and coming into conflict with others for resources. Along the way, they’ll learn more about the island’s mysteries and its bygone civilization.

Though it’s racking up the player numbers, New World isn’t doing so well with regards to user reviews. Of the 5,395 reviews currently available, only 53 percent are positive, indicating an overall reaction of “Mixed.” Many reviews are complaining about server queues and not being able to play the game so it remains to be seen how the developer will respond. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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this is amazing but no surprise the game is amazing