Halo Infinite Battle Royale Would Be Perfect According to TimTheTatman

One of the most common debates surrounding the upcoming release of Halo Infinite amongst fans involves whether or not the game should feature a battle royale mode. The game type is one that has largely dominated the shooter space over the past few years, but up until this point, developer 343 Industries hasn't committed to bringing battle royale into Halo Infinite as of this writing. According to one of the biggest streamers on YouTube, though, 343 definitely needs to consider adding this feature because Halo Infinite would be a "perfect" candidate to incorporate the battle royale genre.

After getting hands-on time with Halo Infinite as part of its recent beta, YouTube star Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar took to social media to make it known that the upcoming game needs to incorporate a battle royale mode at some point in time. "I know Halo Infinite and having a [battle royale mode] is a huge debate but my bottom line is this... Halo has the perfect framework for an incredible [battle royale mode]," TimTheTatman recently said on social media. "And as someone who loves [battle royales] it would be amazing to experience it," he went on to say. The message was one that resonated with a number of Halo fans around the world and quickly generated hundreds of retweets from others who expressed the same desire.

As mentioned, at this point, 343 Industries hasn't said anything about a battle royale mode releasing for Halo Infinite to the public. However, that doesn't mean that the studio isn't already toiling away on the game mode in some capacity. Earlier this summer, a leak associated with Halo Infinite suggested that a battle royale game type would be coming at some time in the future. While it's unknown whether or not this leak is proof that a battle royale mode will actually be added, the nature of this information seems to suggest that it's very much legitimate.

For now, the main thing that many fans are more concerned about with Halo Infinite is simply seeing the game launch. And to that end, the title's arrival is set to finally transpire at the end of this year when it comes to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on December 8.

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I actually do not think this would be fun at all. I think it would kill the halo scene cause Halo is just a fun and competitive game. I just feel in my opinion that this will kill the game.

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