Microsoft Edge Browser For Xbox Improves Massively With New Update

Microsoft’s Edge Browser for Xbox received significant improvements with Xbox’s September update. With the update, there have been a number of both big and small changes to Microsoft Edge that make the browser much more useful.

For starters, players can use a keyboard and a mouse as a means of control. Of course, you could surf the internet as normal, and even stream games from third-party services such as Google Stadia. This is in addition to the general improvements that the Chromium-based Edge has received under the hood with regards to speed and performance.

However, there are some noticeable compromises that players will have to deal with with Edge on Xbox. There’s no extension support, which would be great to have for general productivity use, and the browser can have problems playing video content on certain websites. These are of course, small annoyances – and the September update for Xbox is definitely a great start for now.

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I am not a fan of the edge sadly. I don't ever use it on my PC nor use it on my XBOX series X.

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