Halo Infinite bug lets you melee chop foes at anime speed

A hilarious Halo Infinite bug lets you unleash a comically high-speed flurry of melee attacks on your foes.

If you were lucky enough to get access to the new Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, you can give bots (or, for the shameless, your fellow beta testers) the beatdown of a lifetime by exploiting this bug, but you'll want to act fast as it almost certainly won't make it through the next patch. Thankfully, it sounds fairly simple to pull off.

According to Twitter user @Sprucelass, all you need to do is swap weapons while performing a melee attack, which cancels the combat animation and turns you into a Spartan windmill chopping toward your enemy with terrifying energy. Here's Redditor CraftZ49 using the glitch to utterly brutalize a poor, unsuspecting bot:

And check out Decmanh here, who ponders the ethics of the exploit but nevertheless uses it to quickly dispatch a few NPCs.

If you're a Halo veteran, you might remember the ol' BXR button combo trick from Halo 2, which let you melee attack foes and then fire your weapon immediately after. This new bug is pretty similar, but in 2021, exploits this glaring aren't long for this world. Just like the bots that seemed to be teabagging folks in the last beta, enjoy the fleeting hilarity while it lasts.

If you weren't able to get into this Halo Infinite beta, there's another one running from September 30 to October 3. Of course, the game launches just a couple of months later on December 8.

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