Back 4 Blood Is Available To Pre-Load Now On Xbox Game Pass

With just a few short weeks until its release, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now pre-install Back 4 Blood. The game, which comes with a download size of 34GB on Xbox Series X, can be found in the “Coming Soon” section of the Game Pass app on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. With a slated release of October 12, this gives players plenty of time to free up space to make sure there are no issues on release day.

Back 4 Blood, a multiplayer first-person shooter, is a brand-new IP from Turtle Rock Studios, the developers responsible for Left 4 Dead. As such, the game is being deemed a spiritual successor to the beloved co-op zombie shooter with fans eager to get back into the thrilling zombie-shooting action that Left 4 Dead was known for. During Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference, it was confirmed that Back 4 Blood would hit Xbox Game Pass on day one. It was also revealed that the game would incorporate a PvP mode, called Swarm Mode, that pits a team of humans against a team of zombies.

Back in August, an open beta for Back 4 Blood became available for a few short days. During the beta, more than 5.6 million people joined in on the zombie-shooting fun across all platforms. The game also reached over 120,000 concurrent players on Steam, showing that people are still interested in a Left 4 Dead-style game.

Earlier this month, Turtle Rock offered a new look at the story campaign and narrative elements of the highly anticipated zombie shooter. A new trailer revealed that the game’s increasingly difficult campaign will be playable in either four-player co-op or solo mode and while the story mode will not be as straightforward as other games, traditional cutscenes will help push the narrative along. The trailer also showed off more of the infected creatures that players will run into, including a large monster the size of a building that looks to be a final boss.

Having officially gone gold last month, Back 4 Blood should have no issues meeting its October 12 release date. The game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Of course, it will also be hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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Been playing the hell out of this game and it is worthy the hype

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