Apex Legends Stability Still Suffering After Latest Patch

Apex Legends got a patch last night that the patch notes said would address at least some of the game's recent issues. Crashes and disconnects became a severe issue last weekend soon after the release of the Evolution event, leading to some angry players and Respawn developers forced to work over the weekend.

Several emergency patches were released in the latter parts of the weekend and on Monday, but players were still reporting disconnects from matches, long loading queue times, and sometimes being unable to find games at all. Some players even went as far as calling Apex Legends "unplayable" in its current state.

Respawn has since returned with another patch last night that fixed some crashes and disconnect issues, but the Apex developer acknowledged new "reports of slo-mo servers, and are looking into it!"

I haven't run into this issue, but Rock Paper Shotgun and various Redditors have reported Apex Legends running in slow motion with poor framerates even just navigating through menus. Lag is still a problem for players that manage to get into a match and disconnects are also still commonly reported.

An impromptu Reddit poll had 34% of respondents saying that Apex Legends is still broken for them even after the latest patch.

Respawn has really come under fire this week, first with issues affecting Apex Legends, and now also with players demanding information on Titanfall 3. Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza said that Respawn doesn't have a new Titanfall game in progress at the moment because of "too many other games in the works." Fan outcry (and perhaps fear of another hacking assault) led Respawn's official Twitter account to tweet, "Titanfall is the very core of our DNA," adding, "Who knows what the future holds."

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It's a shame, the only complaints i had this season was seer (which was nerfed shortly after release) and the rampage, now the servers barely work, i'm constantly getting thrown into lobbies with 400+ ping.

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