Titanfall is “the Very Core of our DNA” – Respawn

Following comments by the studio’s community coordinator Jason Garza, Respawn Entertainment clarified its stance on the Titanfall franchise. It noted that the franchise the “very core of our DNA” while also teasingly stating, “Who knows what the future holds…” While it didn’t outright deny that Titanfall 3 was happening, it didn’t confirm it either.

Regardless of what’s being planned for the future, Respawn is undoubtedly busy with other projects. Its free to play battle royale shooter Apex Legends (which is set in the Titanfall universe) crossed 100 million players in April this year and recorded $1 billion in life-to-date net bookings in May.

Then there are the rumors of its follow-up to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – EA has already confirmed its desire to continue investing in it. The action adventure Souls-like also crossed 20 million players as of June 2021. Either way you slice, Titanfall 3 – whether it happens or not – is a long way off.

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Titanfall was so much fun and it paved the way for apex.

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