Steam Deck Can be Used as a PC Controller Via Remote Play

The Steam Deck has looked like an impressive piece of machinery since the moment Valve revealed it, and one of the things that has caught most people’s eyes (other than the fact that it’s a portable PC, of course), is how flexible and robust the device is promising to be, what with it being touted as a fully open platform that can run third party software and storefronts as well.

Another use that you may have for your Steam Deck has also been revealed. The device’s official FAQ page confirms that players will be able to use the Steam Deck as a controller for PC games via remote play. Given the Steam Deck’s track pads, it might actually serve as a really good PC controller, so it’s great to see Valve having enabled that functionality in the device right off the bat.

The Steam Deck is out in some regions of the world (and with understandably limited stocks) this December. Valve has also started sending out Steam Decks to developers to test their games on the device.

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this is like ground breaking this is really gonna help me out and other streams alike

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