Gloomhaven Will Launch On Steam October 20

Asmodee Digital has announced that Gloomhaven, the video game adaptation of the critically-acclaimed tabletop game, will have its full release on October 20.

Gloomhaven first arrived on Steam Early Access back in July 2019. Since then, the game has received an update every two months or so to greatly expand its initial gameplay, improving mechanics, adding new beasts and mercenaries, and new campaign missions for players to find their fortunes venturing into the wild unknown.

The game has achieved an 87% "very positive" rating on Steam despite the early access tag, and we expect that percentage to only increase now that Gloomhaven is about to experience its full launch.

Coming alongside the official launch is an update that will unlock the entire board game campaign. That's 95 new stories and event missions that--when combined with the already 170-mission Guildmaster campaign--give Gloomhaven over 200 hours of tactical dungeon-crawling gameplay.

In Gloomhaven, you play as a mercenary company contracted to defend the land from evil. Or to just kill a few bandits, or to find an ancient treasure--whatever you’re getting paid to do. There are 17 playable mercenaries to unlock with thousands of abilities and hundreds of customization options for perks, equipment, and other enhancements. And you’ll need all of them to defeat the untold horrors that are waiting for you out in the wilds.

Just like the board game, Gloomhaven is for one to four players with online drop-in-and-out co-op. You can wait until October 20 to buy the game on Steam or GOG for $34.99, or you can buy the early access version now to save yourself six bucks. To sweeten the deal, Asmodee is also giving away two free mercenary skins for early access owners: the Witch Doctor Mindthief and the Mastermind Tinkerer.

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