YouTuber Karl Jobst Sued By Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell, the Pac-Man and Donkey Kong record holder who has faced allegations of cheating in recent years, is suing speedrunning YouTuber Karl Jobst. Jobst revealed the news via his Twitter account, and not much is known about the case, including why Mitchell is suing Jobst.

It is likely that Mitchell is suing in relation to the cheating allegations, as Jobst has covered this topic in on his channel previously. Mitchell has also sued for this very reason in the past, having claimed that gaming record site Twin Galaxy's comments on his world records amount to defamation.

"I will provide a proper update shortly, but I've been officially sued by Billy Mitchell", said Jobst on Twitter. "Nothing to worry about, the complaint is poor and contains the usual lies and omissions we have come to expect. I'm very confident, and I appreciate your support." In a reply, Jobst didn't go into specifics, but said he is being sued for "a lot" of money. He also noted that the case was filed in Australia, meaning by default the losing party will have to cover the legal fees.

Billy Mitchell published an excerpt from the lawsuit on his own Twitter account, shedding light on what his grievances are. It reveals that it is likely another defamation case, specifically concerning Jobst's video "The Biggest Conman In Video Game History Strikes Again!"

Mitchell quotes an apparent previous upload of the video in his lawsuit. In this pervious version of the video, Jobst discusses another of Mitchell's lawsuits, this time against YouTuber Apollo Legend. Jobst claims that Apollo Legend had to take up further work to pay this off the eventual cash settlement, which he alleges contributed to his poor mental health. Apollo Legend ended his life last year.

This new lawsuit claims that the video gives the impression that Mitchell's court settlement was a "major contributing factor" to Apollo Legend's mental health issues which resulted in Legend taking his own life, and would therefore amount to defamation.

Mitchell's case against Twin Galaxies appears to also be ongoing.

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this is seriously unfortunate to the max!

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