Sea Of Thieves Season 4 Sails Into Port Next Week

Sea of Thieves is setting sail on a brand new adventure beneath the waves. Season 4 will arrive next week and bring an underwater expedition for loot-hungry pirates.

The trailer doesn’t really go into details, but it does provide us with a few tantalizing hints at what we can expect. To start, cosmetics. There’s definitely a crocodile skull cap and a bony outfit being worn by one of the pirates, as well as another holding up what looks like some strange potion. There’s also quite the haul of booty on the deck all contained in strange treasure chests that are covered in some sort of glowing goop.

There’s a new barnacled-covered ship skin to discover, a new model for the message in a bottle (that might even begin a new Tall Tail), and perhaps a brand new NPC, too.

But the biggest deal seems to be beneath the sea. The scene focuses on sunken ruins with native iconography and seems to heavily imply that you’ll need to dive in to experience all that Season 4 has to offer. Expect there to be Sirens too, judging by the wailing sound effects.

Sea of Thieves Season 4 arrives on Thursday, September 23, so you’ve got a week to prepare for an underwater journey.

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