Nintendo has ‘no plans’ for a Switch price cut in the US

Nintendo of America has said it has “no plans” to cut the price of the Switch after the company’s European arm reduced the cost of the console.

The platform holder confirmed this week that it had lowered the distribution price of the standard Switch in Europe, partly in preparation for the launch of the OLED model next month.

Nintendo of America has since told Axios reporter Stephen Totilo that it has no intention of following suit.

“The trade price adjustment is for the European region only,” a spokesperson said. “There are no plans to change the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for any Nintendo Switch model in the U.S.”

Switch launched in March 2017, Switch Lite released in September 2019, and Switch OLED will launch on October 8, 2021.

Nintendo UK said in a statement issued to VGC on Monday: “After carefully weighing up a variety of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, we decided that now was the appropriate time to change the European trade price of Nintendo Switch.

“The trade prices of Nintendo Switch Lite and the upcoming Nintendo Switch – OLED Model are not affected. The final price to consumers is determined by retailers. As a guide, we recommend that consumers check with local retailers to find out their prices.”

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