Sonic Colors: Ultimate Receives Nintendo Switch Patch

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is off to a rough start on Nintendo Switch, but Sega just launched what it's calling the "first of several" patches for the portable console and all other platforms.

The Ultimate remaster of Colors launched with a messy list of bugs, some of which included visual glitches that are potentially triggering for players at risk of seizure. Sega addressed those reports earlier in the month, promising that the Sonic team would work to remedy the situation and investigate which bugs were real after reports that some popped up due to emulation software. The most serious problems seem to be limited to Switch, but other performance complaints have popped up across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Content Warning: Potential seizure triggers are embedded in the video below.

Today, Sega's official Twitter account announced that a fix for the Nintendo Switch version was out right now, with others coming soon. YouTuber TWIP addressed the recent changes in a new video, recreating the potential seizure trigger risks on Switch, and then updated the console to show that the new patch did fix the issue. It appears Sega has fixed the most pressing problems and rolled out the patch immediately, while other glitches, like troubles with Sonic's character model, will be tackled later ones.

The remaster's most concerning problems caused strobing colors and blinking screens, something players with epilepsy would not be prepared for without a fair warning. With the Switch version of Sonic Colors: Ultimate suffering the most, Nintendo loosened its refund policy to address complaints of game-breaking performance issues.

Outside of the Switch, it sounds like Colors players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC didn't encounter the same obstacles. In a review for TheGamer, Cristina Alexander says the remaster took her "on a joyride down memory lane" and found the Ultimate PS4 version of Colors to be a worthwhile adventure to revisit, noting Sega seemed "learn from the mistakes of Sonic games that launched this past decade."

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