GTA 5's PS5 Trailer Is Now Rockstar's Second Most Disliked Video Ever

GTA 5's new PS5 trailer is now the second-most disliked video on Rockstar's YouTube channel, beaten only by the trailer revealing that the game is getting a next-gen upgrade.

Presentations and Directs can often leave those watching and hoping for huge announcements a little disappointed. Last week's PlayStation Showcase was anything but that. There was something in there for everyone who owns a PlayStation from God Of War: Ragnarok to the very first teaser for Spider-Man 2.

There were a few lulls, of course. Most notably the first proper look at what GTA 5's enhanced and expanded edition will look like. The biggest issue with the trailer was not that it revealed the upgraded version of the game has been delayed, but that it looks exactly the same as GTA 5 on PS4. That resulted in the trailer getting severely ratio'd, and those with a profound dislike for the project have not stopped there.

While the trailer still has more than three times as many dislikes as it does likes, it is also well on its way to becoming Rockstar's most disliked video ever. At 116,000 dislikes and counting, it appears to be the second-most disliked video on Rockstar's YouTube channel right now. In case the studio still isn't getting the message, the only video with more dislikes than that one is the trailer used to originally reveal a next-gen remaster of GTA 5 was in the works.

GTA 5 launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. That means when it does eventually arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in March 2022, it will be available on three different generations of consoles. Interestingly, Bethesda's announcement that Skyrim will be getting more or less the same treatment was met with memes and jokes rather than the animosity Rockstar has been hit with. Clearly, players are far hungrier for GTA 6 than they are for a new Elder Scrolls game.

While thousands of people make their feelings known by disliking Rockstar's GTA 5 videos, thousands more continue to prove they might be in the right to keep extending the game's life. GTA 5 has now sold more than 150 million copies and GTA Online remains incredibly popular. Until sales of it die off, which won't happen anytime soon, Rockstar will take its time moving on from GTA 5 so it can focus all of its efforts on GTA 6.

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good they need to stop with this game and bring a new one already

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