Battlefield 2042 could be set for a delay, it’s claimed

Various industry insiders have suggested that Battlefield 2042 could be set for a surprise delay.

Journalist Jeff Grubb first wrote on social media on Tuesday that a “singular delay” for an unnamed title would be announced this week.

Prominent YouTuber Dealer and Xbox Era journalist Nick Baker have both since claimed that the title Grubb is referring to is EA’s Battlefield 2042.

According to reliable Battlefield insider Tom Henderson, discussion around a delay for 2042 is currently “unfolding” internally at EA and could be for “weeks and not months”.

He tweeted on Wednesday: “[Battlefield 2042]” to be delayed by several weeks and not months which conflicts with the other rumors, but it’s what I’ve heard. Late Nov 2021 is currently flying around.”

Another journalist, Roberto Serrano notes that the Italian branch of GameStop has changed Battlefield’s release date to a generic 12/31/21.

If another major game were to slip from the Q4 calendar, Battlefield could be viewed as a more likely candidate. With exactly a month until its official release, EA still hasn’t confirmed plans for a promised beta test, or detailed the game’s third major game mode.

The standard edition of Battlefield 2042 is currently set to release on October 22. However, players who choose to pre-order the Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition will receive early access to the game beginning on October 15.

It was recently claimed that the Battlefield 2042 beta release date has been set for September 22. Electronic Arts has previously confirmed that Battlefield 2042’s open beta will launch in September, but has yet to give an official date.

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What game nowadays isn't delayed at least once hahahahaa

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