New PS5 Model Reportedly Runs Cooler, Another YouTuber Claims

YouTube channel Hardware Busters recently released a video which compares the operating temperatures of the launch PS5 and a revised model, which quietly went on sale in select few regions. According to the YouTuber’s tests, the console runs marginally cooler than the launch PS5. Check out the video below.

What makes this interesting is the fact that another popular YouTuber Austin Evans’ tests concluded a hotter reading on the new model, which invited a lot of uncalled controversy. As suggested previously as well, the PS5 launch version’s cooling system was over-engineered rather than the newer model being sloppy. However, this claim is falsified with Hardware Busters’ tests revealing an 11 C lower CPU temperature than the launch version.

The memory runs a bit hotter, but CPU temperature is what actually matters in the operations of a console. The new model isn’t a game changer by any means, so fans shouldn’t be specifically waiting out for this exact model if they want to buy a PS5.

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