The Titanfall 2 Hack Isn’t That Serious, Respawn Says

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 was recently compromised by hackers, and a series of tweets and forum posts quickly warned players to uninstall the game as soon as possible. The hack reportedly allowed the perpetrators to access local code execution, which could cause all kinds of harm to the situation.

A day later, Respawn took to Twitter to reveal that the threat isn’t that serious, and hackers could only crash a player’s game at best. The developer further clarifies there isn’t much of a risk to a player’s machine, and that the warnings are now deemed to be a bit premature.

Titanfall 2 has been constantly fighting an uphill battle with hackers, and Respawn’s ignorance escalated matters further as a DDoS attack on Apex Legends ensued with a “Save Titanfall” message. A previous report revealed that only a handful of people were working on Titanfall, which of course, invited a flurry of controversies.

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