God of War Ragnarok Trailer Revealed by PlayStation

Sony's next chapter in the God of War series called God of War: Ragnarok made a somewhat unexpected appearance during the PlayStation Showcase event which took place on Thursday. This PlayStation-focused presentation was what some may consider the only real look at the game we've gotten though since the first reveal from September 2020 only showed the God of War symbol with an ominous message attached.

It had Kratos and Atreus bickering more about how to proceed in the post-God of War era and also showed off plenty of combat. The fighting looked similar to what we saw in the God of War, though we'll naturally get new abilities and other moves to coincide with the new setting that was shown off in the trailer. The game did not get a release date.

Ever since the game was first revealed, it's been up to the players to decipher what secrets the teasers may hold since nothing else has been shown since then. Players did well to uncover those secrets, too, with some figuring out that the there was a hidden message in the runes within the God of War symbol shown. It spelled out "Ragnarok," and with that along with the "Ragnarok is coming" message shown at the end of the first teaser, people assumed that the game would be called God of War: Ragnarok. Cory Barlog, the game director for the 2018 game God of War, has been notably dismissive of any sorts of queries or theories about the new game when asked about it on social media.

Aside from questions about what God of War Ragnarok would be whether that meant it'd be a new game or an expansion, there was also the question of whether it'd come to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 or if it'd only come to the newer console. The initial tease for the game came at a time when everyone was preparing to purchase their new consoles, and considering how Sony has been more adamant about getting players over to the new console, there was reason to be concerned then that the game wouldn't come to the PlayStation 4.

Between the time the title was announced and its appearance at the PlayStation Showcase, it was confirmed that the game had indeed been delayed. It didn't have a release date in the first place, however, so the delay stung a bit less than the delays we're used to hearing about. Some good news shared alongside that delay was that the game would also come to the PlayStation 4, so if you don't yet have a PlayStation 5 by the time Ragnarok launches, you'll still be able to play.

God of War Ragnarok is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but does not have a release date.

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