Everything You Need to Know About Halo MCC Season 8

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had quite the life at this point, going through ups and downs through each of its seven seasons. Halo: Master Chief Collection Season 8 is now on the horizon, and it’s packing a ton of new content for players to take part in. However, that content is quite the departure from what the franchise has seen in the past, so it needs some explaining.

For 343 Industries itself, Master Chief Collection Season 8 lays the groundwork for a ton of bolder future content, but that’s a lot to unpack for the Halo community. While not all of the new additions have been popular, it’s definitely an interesting time for the game, and the entire franchise by extension.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Season 8 Customization Options

The biggest additions coming to the game, as with most seasons, are new customization options. This time around, however, there’s been a mixed response to some of the new designs that 343 Industries is adding to the game. The new armor sets are largely inspired by historical armors, like real Spartans and Vikings. However, the sets do look drastically different from what Halo has featured in the past, and it’s caused a heated debate in the community. The content is tailored to Halo 3 too, which has become a point of contention, as most new content has been for the game.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Season 8 New Content

Of course, there’s plenty of new content coming to Halo: MCC outside of just the customization content. Most notably, Halo 3 is getting the new Icebox map, adding yet another option to its ever-growing rotation. On top of that, Halo: 3 ODST is getting a Flood firefight option, which will add the iconic enemies in a wave-based setting.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Accessibility and Other Improvements

There’s a smattering of other content coming to the game outside of just the character customization content and new maps. Players will also have finer control over their Spartan in Halo: Reach, as the Spartan gender options are being changed. Now, players will pick “Light” or “Heavy” armor, and they’ll have independent control over their Spartan’s voice. Plus, new report features are being added to the game’s scoreboard.

Additionally, there are some accessibility improvements coming, which will give people with disabilities more options. The biggest changes are for subtitle customization and all-new colorblindness options, two options that have been in need of overhauls. There are also some other changes being added for UI customization, specifically for Halo: Combat Evolved, that will allow it to be scaled or disabled.

New seasonal content is always exciting for Halo: Master Chief Collection, and the changes are good to see. The debate about the new Halo 3 customization options will likely persist, but at least 343 Industries is communicating with its fanbase. Halo Infinite is just a few months away now, and this new content may point towards how Infinite's seasonal content structure will end up working.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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